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Opening ceremony of qualified people training was held

    On July 20th, the opening ceremony of qualified people training was held by aquatic business management at 3rd floor conference room in Zhanjiang Evergreen aquatic product science & technology Co.,Ltd .  Mr. Chen Shanghong, vice president of Evergreen group, general managers from subsidiaries, technical instructors from every position, hr instructors and college graduates just recruited, in total about 40 attended the ceremony.
    The cultivate plan of qualified people will spend half a year, was divided into 3 stages, named concentrated training, productive practice, on-the-job practice. It aims at cultivating college graduates just recruited as qualified people who adapt to the requirement of sustainable development of Evergreen Aquatic, and will become the main force of every operating department in the future 3 years, and strive to forge a integrated qualified people ranks who knows products, understand technical and of strong professional abilities.
    Mr. Chen Shanghong introduced the fundamental state of aquatic processing unit and the cultivate plan . He expressed earnest expectation on new staff and requirement for instructors. He expected those new staff who just graduated from university change their role as quickly as possible, change from a university student into a excellent employee ,even become an outstanding professional manager in the future and keep a proper understanding about self and society ,adapt to socialization, cultivate a good professionalism , adapt to professionalization, start from present, adapt to mobilization. He required instructors aware of the deep meaning of cultivating college graduates and take initiative in undertaking due responsibility, demonstrate Integrity, generosity, truth-seeking, innovation and become models for new staff, teach them in accordance with their aptitude, communicate with them about goal monthly, about schedule weekly, about feeling daily, make the best of work study plan, summary and experience report, to be a responsible, sincere, patient, attentive and wholehearted.
    Mr. Lin Dewen, the vice-general manager of aquatic business management, analyzed the current situation and trend of aquatic processing both in domestic and oversea. By introducing processing technology of several common shrimp products, he made a good explanation on quality and cost of products. He hoped that the moment college graduates begin productive practice, they attach great importance to quality and cost which are lifelines of business.
    In the end, every instructor had a short conversation with new staff, they encouraged the college graduates to be mentally prepared, settle down in Evergreen, start from the bottom, acquire all basic and believe in the bright future ahead of our company.(Reported by Zhang Lihua)

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