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Evergreen Group Presented in ¡°2010 China Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Exhibition¡±

    On May 16th ~ 18th, ¡°2010 China Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Exhibition¡± , be jointly held by China Animal Agriculture Association£¨CAAA£©, China Feed Industry Association (CFIA) and National Animal Husbandry Service (NAHS), was opened in Beijing Jiuhua International Conference & Exhibition Center. Those who attended the opening ceremony include China¡¯s Chief Veterinarian, Yu Kangzhen, Standing Committee member of the CPPCC and president of CAAA, Zhang Baowen, president of CFIA, Bai Meiqing, and officials concerned in Animal Husbandry Department of Agriculture Ministry, Veterinary Bureau, NAHS, CAAA, and CFIA.
    This exhibition has set new records for numbers of attendants, exhibiting companies and exhibition positions, service & facilities, and exhibition standard. The show covers fields like animal husbandry, feed and additives, animal health care medicines, machinery for producing animal feed, animal product processing, environmental engineering design, investment consultation, etc., showcasing around 850 enterprises or delegations from over 30 countries, e.g. USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Israel, etc. With more than 2, 500 positions, the exhibition occupies an area of 70, 000 m2.
    Evergreen Group attended the exhibition, with the group¡¯s delegation led by vice president, Jiang Hongbin, and Chief Administrative & Personnel Officer, Hu Shanghua. Evergreen¡¯s position is well-designed and richly-illustrated, presenting the group¡¯s aquaculture industrial chain of ¡°seedling breeding -- feed production ¨C aquaculture -- aquatic product processing -- domestic and international trade¡±. During the exhibition, Bai Meiqing, president of CFIA, visited Evergreen¡¯s position and asked about the development of the group¡¯s industrial chain. Evergreen¡¯s position, especially the section of ¡°aquatic product deep processing¡±, is crowded with visitors, to whom the group¡¯s workers comprehensively explain various feeds and processed aquatic products and enthusiastically promote new breeds, new technologies and new achievements.
    This exhibition proved to be a fruitful one, which not only familiarized more and more enterprises with Evergreen and increased the group¡¯s appealing power, but also established a sound platform for interactive learning, experience sharing and technological exploring between Evergreen Group and other relevant enterprises. (Reported by Jin Lei, Chen Qiushen)

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