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2nd Quarter¡¯ s Operating Analysis Conference was held

    On July 30th , the 2nd quarter¡¯s operating analysis conference was held by aquatic business management at the 2nd floor conference room in Zhanjiang Evergreen Aquatic product Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  Mr. Chen Dan ,chairman of directors , Ms. Xie Guiling, executive vice-president , Mr. Hu Shanghua , Hr & Admin Director, and Mr. Huang Zhi ,assistant  of president , attended the conference. Appropriate leaders from the Group and aquatic business management, general managers and department heads of subsidiaries also participated. The conference was presided over by Vice president, Mr. Chen Shanghong.
    In the morning, general managers from subsidiaries made detailed analysis and report on the state of production & operation, human resource, achievement, existed problems and their solutions. They also put forward operation objective, operation strategy, plan and specific measure to accomplish the target. In the end of the morning conference, Mr. Chen Dan made an important speech. First of all, He affirmed the achievement aquatic processing unit had achieved in the first half year, then required all companies get the best use of internal resource, strengthen the process tracing and management of account receivable ,retrieve funds on account timely and reduce risks. He said all companies in the next half year should operate in a planned way, make operation strategy more specifically and easier to handle, increase output in reaching out new clients and developing new market, strengthen performance assessment for salesman. He required all companies maintain stability of product quality, strictly control the process of purchasing, producing and storage, highlight details management. He also required all companies take close look at the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate, adjust quotation timely and find ways to reduce capital risk brought by it. He encouraged us to strengthen confidence, keep steady growth in the next half year, endeavor to accomplish the target the group set.
    In the afternoon, financial department of aquatic business management reported the state of production and operation in the first half year, mainly focusing on analyzing account receivable, storage ,occupation of funds, etc. and put forward several suggestions and proposals in the end. Aquatic business management aslo reported the implementation of ¡°Control Regulation on Aquatic Processing Unit¡± and explained about ¡°Management Measure on Evergreen Aquatic Website¡± and picture album design. Operation strategy was discussed afterwards, Ms. Xie Yujia and Mr. Huang Zhi proposed a lot of valuable suggestions and advices.
    At last, Mr. Chen Shanghong concluded the conference and made specific requirement about operational issues of the next quarter.(Reported by Zhang lihua)

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